Our Mission

It is our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide help to those in need. We shall promote Christian concerts and raise funds to provide assistance to those in need either directly or by supporting charities that provide such assistance.

Through The Alms Project Inc., it is our heart’s desire to be used by God to provide gifts of mercy to those in need: to the hungry, the homeless, those without clothes, the abused, the young girl, married or unmarried woman who finds herself with an unexpected gift from God, those held captive by the chains of addiction, the sick and the thirsty. We seek to answer God’s call to love the one and only true God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love one another. In doing so, to do and care for our brothers and sisters, both believers and non-believers, as if we were doing it for Christ. And to see others as God sees them – as eternal beings. Soli Deo Gloria.